I like to go to MAXX coffee, if only they have more locations. The coffee is cheaper than the mermaid, less crowd and less noisy, just perfect for place to work. And in MAXX coffee Intermark BSD, they even have long table with power plug, perfect for working or group discussion.

And also, the creative postcards that they provided for free. the one in the picture below describe exactly of what I’m doing by writing this post

Time to get back to work…..


How to Extract Orange Taste from Coffee Beans?

So, here is the challenge for today: How to extract Orange taste from Noah Barn’s Orange Crumble Espresso Roast? The Espresso Roast make it even more complex, as it often results in full body and bitter taste.

The answer? Pour Over with Kalita, 2 minutes extraction time with 1:7 ratio of coffee and water.

Tasting Note: Sekarayu Kamojang on AeroPress

Ratio: 1:15, 13gr kopi untuk 200 gr air

Brew method: AeroPress dengan paper filter

Brew technique:

  1. Kopi dibasahkan dengan air panas, lalu ditunggu selama 20 detik
  2. Setelah itu ditambahkan air hingga kurang lebih 200 gram, lalu ditunggu hingga 1 menit
  3. Aeropress ditekan

Tasting Note:

  1. Rasa asam jauh berkurang dibandingkan dengan V60/Kalita
  2. Body lebih ringan

Beans: Sekarayu Kamojang dari Say Something Coffee